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Electrical Engineering

The department of Electrical Engineering offers two research based degree programmes

  • Ph.D.
  • M Tech(Res)

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Research EE

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IISc Admissions Information at a Glance

IISc M.Tech. (Research) and Ph.D. Programmes Admissions

The Ph.D. program takes about 4-5 years. The award of the Ph.D. degree is wholly based on a research thesis written by the student. At the time of admission to the program, each student is assigned a faculty advisor/research guide based on the research interests of the student. The students have to first complete some course work which is called the Research Training Program (RTP). Each student would choose the courses needed based on the advice of his/her research guide. The RTP is normally completed in about 2-3 semesters. After this, the student has to clear what is called the Comprehensive examination which is an oral examination. Here the student makes a brief presentation about his/her proposed research and is then examined on the relevant courses which form the needed background for the research work. After successfully completing the comprehensive examination, the student would continue his research under the supervision of his/her guide and submit his/her thesis when ready. All Ph.D. students would be provided with scholarship for a maximum period of five years followed by one year of minimal financial assistance.

The M Tech(Res) program takes about 2-3 years. Here also the award of degree is based on a Thesis submitted by the student. However, since this is a Masters degree, the amount of novel work required in the thesis is less compared to that of a Ph.D. thesis. M Tech(Res) students are also assigned a research guide at the time of admission. They have to choose courses in consultation with their research guide and complete the RTP during the first year. Then they have to pass a General Test which is similar to the Comprehensive examination of the Ph.D. students. All M Tech(Res) students get scholarship for two and half years followed by some minimal financial assistance for a further period of six months.

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