About Department

Electrical Engineering

The department of Electrical Engineering is among the first few departments to be started at Indian Institute of Science (IISc). It was started in the summer of 1911 with Prof. Alfred Hay as its chairman. The discipline of Electrical Engineering was a new and exciting area at the turn of last century and it is a testimony to the vision of the founders of IISc that the first engineering department started at the Institute is in this field. The department celebrated its centenary during 2011-12 and in December 2011, the department organized a Centenary Conference and a special Alumni-Get-Together as part of its centenary celebrations.

Right from its inception, the department was fortunate in having many professors passionately attached to research. While engineering research was something of a rarity in this country during the early decades of twentieth century, IISc was one of the few places where such research was pursued.

Over the last one hundred years, this department has contributed significantly to the growth of Electrical Engineering education and research in India. Many alumni of the department have distinguished themselves in academic institutions, research laboratories, industries and government organizations, both in India and abroad.

The vision of the department is to provide the leadership to enable India’s excellence in the field of Electrical Engineering. The department is committed to advancement of the frontiers of knowledge in Electrical Engineering and to provide the students with a stimulating and rewarding learning experience. The faculty of the department contribute to cutting-edge research in many areas of Electrical Engineering. In addition, they are also actively engaged in publishing textbooks as well as research monographs, continuing education, execution of sponsored research projects for many government agencies as well as private industries and also provide leadership to professional societies. The department has a vibrant research environment and the students benefit immensely from the research flavour of the course work. The department attracts talented students from all over India to its Masters and Research degree programs. The graduates of the department find rewarding placement in many global companies and research labs as well as in many universities in India and abroad.

The department is recognized as a Center for Advanced Study in Electrical Engineering by the University Grants Commission.