Information To Faculty Applicants

Electrical Engineering

Special Recruitment Drive

The department of Electrical Engineering, IISc, welcomes applications for faculty positions. If you are interested in a career of academic research in India, IISc is probably the best option for you.

Women candidates and applicants belonging to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes are especially encouraged to apply.

Why join IISc?

The research atmosphere at IISc, and the facilities & benefits here, amply support new faculty to build a successful research career. Some of these are: 1) Faculty get sizeable start-up grant  and  funding for attending conferences, 2) The teaching load is moderate; however, the Department considers teaching as a very important component of a faculty member’s contribution, 3) Students admitted are top rankers in national level selection test, 4) All the full-time, regular students get scholarships and hence the faculty members need not support the students from their projects, 5)  On-campus housing is available for faculty (while those who prefer to live off-campus, get a house rent allowance), 6) Bengaluru is the high-technology capital of India and is home to the research and development wings of several national and international companies; also, national agencies like ISRO, HAL, NAL, BEL, and DRDO have their labs in Bengaluru.
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Areas, where we are actively looking for faculty now

  1. Broad area of high voltage engineering, power systems and power electronics
  2. Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining

Other areas of Interest at Department of Electrical Engineering

The following are the other areas of interest to the Department of Electrical Engineering. (We may or may not process applications for faculty positions in areas not listed here)

  1. High voltage, Power apparatus, electromagnetic fields, Insulation and Dielectrics,
  2. Signal Processing, Speech and Audio Processing,
  3. Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Multimedia systems
  4. Medical Signal and image Processing and medical Imaging
  5. Control Systems, Distributed Control, Cyber Physical systems

Basic qualifications for Assistant Professor applicant

The candidate should have a Ph.D., preferably in an engineering discipline related to the Electrical Sciences, and a very good record of research publications in top-level journals (such as IEEE and IET Transactions and other such reputed journals) and top-tier international conferences. The candidate needs to preferably be below 35 years of age, and should have two to three years of postdoctoral research experience. The candidates should have the potential of developing independent research and teaching programmes at the post-graduate and doctoral level. The candidate must also be capable of teaching one or more of the core courses of the M Tech programs of the Department and an elective aligned with one of the major areas of research of the Department.

Candidates who wish to seek appointments at higher levels (Associate or Professor level) are expected to have an established record of research, teaching, and guiding research students, in addition to the above requirements.

If you want to apply

All applications will be accepted only through the online portal:

When should you apply?

IISc has an open call for receiving faculty applications. Candidates may apply on the portal any time.

How is the application processed?

The application is initially screened by the Faculty Search Committee of the department. If the applicant has adequate match with our current requirements, then she/he would be invited to visit the department and give a talk on her/his research work. If you happen to be abroad at the time of application, you can visit the department when you come to India next. During this visit, you would also interact with the faculty of the department, the Chairman and Dean of the Division. You should plan on a visit of 2-3 days. The departmental recommendation on the application is made by the Committee of Professors based on your talk and interactions, Letters of Recommendation from your referees and your CV. This recommendation is considered by a Divisional committee. If the recommendation is positive, then you may be called for an interview (in person if you are in India or through skype or other video-conferencing, if you are abroad) before a final Selection Committee headed by the Director.

Typically, within about three to four months of applying, you will receive news on the status of your application. The time for processing an application varies from case to case and it may take six to eight months for the final decision.

If selected, you would be given a month’s time to accept or reject the offer and about six months’ time to join.

After applying, you can always contact the faculty search committee any time through e-mail to seek clarifications on any issue.