Latest Past Events

Thesis Defense of Mr. Manish Tathode

EE-B304, EE Department.

Title:  Fast and Compact Voltage Equalizer for Satellite Applications. Advisor: Prof. Vinod John.Date and Time: Monday, 27th March 2023, 3.30 pm.Location: EE-B304, EE Department.Meeting Link: Abstract:Lithium-ion batteries have now become an inevitable constituent of the Electrical Power System of solar-powered satellites due to their high energy density, wider operating temperature range, and better radiation tolerance. […]

MTech (Research) Colloquium of Vishwabandhu Uttam


Title: A Unified Modeling Approach for Design and Performance Improvement of Triple Active Bridge Converter Research Supervisor: Vishnu Mahadeva Iyer  Meeting link Abstract:Triple Active Bridge (TAB) converter is a multi-port DC-DC converter. This converter is an extension of the popular Dual Active Bridge converter. It features desirable traits of the DAB converter, such as high power density, […]

Thesis Defense of Shubham Rawat


Title: A Novel Passive Regenerative Snubber for the Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge Converter:  Analysis, Design and Experimental Verification. Research  Supervisor: Prof. Kaushik Basu Meeting Link Abstract: The development of Wide Bandgap (WBG) devices has enabled power electronic converters to operate at much higher frequencies, voltages and power. Working at a higher switching frequency minimises the size of magnetics […]