Pavankumar (Pavan) Tallapragada

I am looking for Postdocs, PhD and MTech (Research) students and interns who are interested in one or more of the following areas:

  • Dynamics of social networks and social systems

  • Game theory

  • Multi-agent control & learning

  • Networked robotics: control of multi-robot teams, distributed control, applied reinforcement learning

  • Control under resource constraints in cyber physical systems/internet of things.

In all these areas, there are openings for:

  • Theoretical work involving mathematical analysis and design

  • Computational work involving programming and simulations

  • Hardware and embedded systems work related to multi-robot control and IoT.

If you strongly wish to work with me, then please feel free to send an email to me. Due to the high volume of emails that I receive, I may not always reply back.