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Research Areas


  • Theoretical and Computational aspects of quasi-static electric fields and their application to real life problems
  • Dynamic fields associated with Lightning discharge
  • High frequency response of coils and windings
  • Corona generated EMF

  • Modeling of Lightning
  • Lightning protection -
    • Modelling of the attachment process and modelling of attachment to aircrafts
    • Investigations on the Lightning Surge response
    • Lightning generated fields in soil
    • Simualtion of the strike to a transmisson line using a self-consistent lightning return stroke model

Major Computer Codes Developed

  • 3D Charge Simulation Method based code for simulation of lightning attachement to rectangular and cylindrical buildings with masts --> Electrostatic field computation and Simulation of Upward Leader for attachment
  • 2D Surface Charge Simualtion Method based code for axi-symmetric problems --> Electrostatic field computation
  • 3D Surface Charge Simualtion Method and Classical Charge Simulation Method based codes for conductors --> Electrostatic field computation for corona inception using critical avlanche criterion
  • 3D Code for magnetic flow measurements --> Ambient field is calculated by Magnetic Charge Method and Induction is evaluated by by the Finite Element Method using 27 node brick element
  • 3D Time Domain Electric Field Integral Equation Solver for Thin-Wire Geometry over perfect ground (without wire junction) --> proximity effects and distributed RL loading are considered
  • 2D Axisymmetric Time Domain Electric Field Integral Equation Based Model for Simulating Lightning Return Stoke --> Macroscopic physical model
  • Distributed Circuit Model extractor for simulating the induction to building steel and electrical wires including external connections --> Incient field is evaluated from Engineering Models for the Return Stroke
  • 2D Axisymmetric Finite Volume Method (on quadrilateral grid) --> Thermal and Electric field calculation --> grading electrodes (capacitive grading) and convective boundary condition are handled
  • Old Codes: 2D axi-symmetric generalised FDM, FDTD for full wave solution, Distributed Network Model Extractor for transient resposne of vast grounding system in 2-layer soil model, 2D Axi-symmetric CSM for saturation charge calculation on dielectric interface, Impedance Network Method for Transient Current Distribution on Surfaces.......
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