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Research Guidance

I. Ph.D.


  1. Dr. Mrs. Archana Sharma, Scientist E, BARC (External)- (I am a Co-guide) – “Developmental Studies on Insulation and Magnetic aspects of High Voltage Pulse Power System”-(2002)

  2. Dr. Vishwanatha Hegde - (QIP) – “Lightning Protection System to Indian Satellite Launch Pads: Stroke classification and Evaluation of the Current in the Intercepted Strokes’’-(2007)

  3. Dr. Subba Reddy B. - (Staff Registrant) -“A Novel Technique for Enhancing the Pollution Flashover Strength of Ceramic disc Insulators" -(April 2011)

  4. Dr. Mrs. Rosy Balaram R. – “A Macroscopic Physical Model for Lightning Return Stroke ” -(May 2011)

  5. Mr. GovindaRao K (QIP) – “ Lightning Threat to Cables on Tall Towers and the Question of Electrical Isolation” -(April 2014)

  6. Mr. Manoj Kisan Manlik (ERP) – “ Moisture Aided Degradation of Oil Impregnated Paper Insulation in Power Transformers ” - (April 2015)

  7. Mr. Jyothi NS (QIP) – “ Thermal and Electrical Degradation of Resin Impregnated Paper Insulation for High Voltage Transformer Bushings ” -(June 2015)

  8. Mr. Sethupathy –“Magentic flow measurements ” -(2017)

  9. Mr. J. Santosh – “ High frequency response of coils ” -(2018)

  10. Mr. Debasis Nath –“ 1. Total Electric Field due to an Electron Avalanche and it's coupling to Transmission Line Conductors ” -(2018)

Under progress

  1. Mr. Sukesh – “ Lightning strike to transmission lines ” -(joined in 2013)

  2. Mr. Rupam Pal – “ Application of FDTD method for lightning studies ” -(joined in 2015)

  3. Mr. Ashiq M – “ Transformer modelling ” -(Co-guide, joined in 2016)

  4. Mr. Sayantan Das – “ Lightning attachment to aircrafts ” -(joined in 2017)

  5. Mr. Raghavaiah V – “ Charging of Geo-stationary Spacecrafts” -(ERP, joined in 2018)

  6. Mr. Surekha J – “ Stoke current distribution in aircrafts ” -(ERP, joined in 2018)

II. M.Sc. (Engg)


    • Mr. Nelson T Joseph, "Analysis of the Protective Action of a Closely Distributed Lightning Protection System for a Satellite Launch Pad" -(2001)

    • Mr. Vasu Mogaveera, "Voltage Distribution Studies on ZnO arrester stack" -(2001)

    • Mr. R Gangi Reddy, "Rogowski Coils for the Measurement of Impulse Currents Through Large Conductors" -(2002)

    • Mr. Jaganath Padhi, "A Novel Method for the Evaluation of Upward Leader Launching Efficacy of Lightning Protection Schemes" -(2003)

    • Mr. Paresh Kumar Nayak "Experimental Investigations on the Lightning Surge Response of Some Lightning Protection Systems" -(2003)

    • Mr. Prasanth Kumar B., Topic - "A general inception criteria for the positive upward leaders in negative cloud-to-ground lightning" -(2004)

    • Mr. S. Srinivasa Rao, Topic - " Investigation on the performance of Rogowski coil current transducers near their higher frequency limit" -(2005)

    • Ms. Jyothirmayi R., Topic - 'Studies on response of typical down conductors for a lightning strike' -(2006)

    • Mr. Dileep Kumar K.P., Topic - 'Time domain simulation of Lightning Return Stroke' -(2008)

    • Ms. Srineeta Chatterjee,Topic - 'Dimensioning of Corona Control Rings for EHV/UHV Line and Substation Hardware' -(2012)

Under progress

III ME project students


  • Mr. G. Gangaram "A Field Approach to the Impulse Response of a Resistive Divider” -(1999).

  • Ms. K. Rohini "Lightning Performance Evaluation of Extended Grounding System for Satellite Launch Pads" -(1999)

  • Mr. M. RamaSubba Reddy "Optimisation of End Electrodes of Transformer Bushing" -(2000).

  • Mr. Tushar Gupta "High Frequency Response of Tall Towers” -(2000).

  • Mr. V.V. Nath "Some Aspects of the Design of a 145kV Current Transformer 1.Mr. Nelson T Joseph,” Analysis of the Protective Action of a Closely Distributed  Lightning Protection System for a Satellite Launch Pad”, -(2001)

  • Mr. Goutham Ghosh "Analysis of Protective Action of Lightning Masts on Structures” -(2001)

  • Mr. Tavitayya Varanasi "Calculation of the Power Frequency Fields near Ground in a HVAC Substation" -(2001)

  • Mr. Surendra, "Transient Current Distribution in Electrically Short Thin Conducting Shells” -(2002)

  • Mr. Sharath Babu, “Investigations on the Surge Impedance of Lightning Protection Towers" -(2002)

  • Mr. Shiek Iqbal,"Lightning Current Transfer Characteristics of a Metal-Lattice Tower" -(2003)  

  • Mr. Abhay Kumar Singh, “Preliminary Studies on Dependency of the output of a Rogowski Coil Transducer on frequency and relative position of source" -(2003)

  • Mr. Pranav kumar,"Studies on Lightning Surge Reposnse Characteristics of Lightning Protection Schemes to Indian Satellite Launch Pads" - (2004) 

  • Mr. Virat Kumar,"Performance Analysis of Masts Placed Over Tall Cylidrical and Cubical Strucutres" - (2004) 

  • Mrs.Vinoda,"Preliminary Studies on the Characteristics of the Induced Current in Simple Down Conductor due to a Nearby Lighnting Strike" -(2004)

  • Mr. J. Ravi, “Time domain simulation of the lightning return stroke using TL model"-  -(2006)

  • Mr. Ketan B,"Electrical conditions in down conductors under the influence of descending stepped leader" -(2007)

  • Mr. Kalyan Reddy,"Issues pertaining to the performance of Rogowski coil current transducers" -(2008)

  • Mr. Suresh Kumar, "Solution of 3-D Electrostatic Fields Using SCSM" -(2009)

  • Mr. Madhav, '27 Node Brick Elements for Conduction Fields" -(2010)

  • Mr. Ramesh, "3D Electrostatic Field Study for EHV/UHV Corona Control Ring" -(2010)

  • Lt Col Chiranjeev Das, "Investigate the Suitability of Present Day Electromagentic Gun Technology for Army Apllications" -(2011)

  • Mr. Rahul R, "Preliminary Investigations on Correlation Between Stressed Volume and Radio Noise on Line Hardware" -(2011)

  • Mr. Kiran Dattu, "Capacitance of UHV line under coronated conditions" -(2011)

  • Mr. Mahipal Bhukya, Electrical stress in HVDC cable -(2011)

  • Mr. Praveen, "Evaluation of Rise in Potentials and Fields in Critical areas of Launch Pad-I and the Effect of Tranzorbs" -(2012)

  • Mr. Kadamb Abhijit Anil, "Geo-magnetically Induced Currents: Modelling and its Effects" -(2012)

  • Mr. Abhijith, "Investigation on Lightning Attachment to UHV Lines ", -(2013)

  • Mr. Vinod Kumar, "Lightning Current and Resulting Voltage Distribution Across a Small Aircraft", -(2013)

  • Mr. Praveen NMMD, "Numerical Evaluation of Stress in HVDC Cable ", -(2013)

  • Mr. Sreeram, "Modelling of thin wires of arbitrary cross section in TDTW EFIE " -(2014)

  • Ms. Sruti Ajay, "Induced current in down conductors during strike nearvy" -(2014)

  • Mr. Rupam Pal, "Methods for evalaution of performance of grounding grids buried in step-like terrain" -(2015)

  • Mr. Ujwal Ganguly, "Studies on cross magnitisation in permnanent magnets" -(2015)

  • Mr. Ashiq Mohammed , "Electro-thermal analysis for the evalaution of the performance of HVDC station grounding" - (2016)

  • Mr. Gokulnath , "Current sharing in bunch of cables under external excitation" - (2017)

  • Mr. Avinash Patro , "Corona from insulated surfaces" - (joined in 2017)

  • Mr. Bala Gopal , "Particl in cell method" - (joined in 2018)

  • Mr. Kratitva K, "Wire-mesh model for stroke current distribution in aircraft", - (joined in 2018)

  • Mr. Tanmay G. N., "Effect of substation ground on consumer ground in its proximity",, - (joined in 2020)

  • Mr. Ankit Choudhary, "",, - (2021)

  • Mr. Triloki Nath Sharma, "",, - (2021)

Under Progress

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