Kiran Kumar Challa

My doctoral research focuses on developing experimental test-beds for smart grid research and estimation of power plant parameters. As a part of developing the experimental test-bed, We focused on modeling and designing critical power systems components like generators, governor-turbines, substations, and transmission lines. Modeling of generators in my research is according to the NREL modeling notifcations. We have designed substation models in our laboratory with detailed protection functionalities and measurement devices as per the design of extra high voltage (400 kV to 1200 kV) substations in the power industry. We have also done modeling and experimental prototype design of frequency-dependent transmission lines according to the conductor and tower design instead of line impedances. Along with these experimental developments, We have proposed an estimation methodology to estimate the power plant parameters (generator and excitation parameters) from the digital relay records.

Graphical Abstract of Doctoral Research

Figure:Graphical Abstract of Doctoral Research

Field of interest: State and parameter estimation, Emulation of power system components.

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Tanmay Mishra

Development of static excitation system with time constant regulator and various excitation system limiters for micro-alternator.

Currently trying to emulate various excitation system model using developed buck converter based excitation system

Development of low cost Digital Fault Recorder (DFR) based on FPGA platform.


Figure: system diagram


Figure: Block diagram of excitation system model


Figure: Hardware setup of excitation system model

Field of interest: Source/Generator emulation in Power system

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Francis C Joseph

Development of Next-Gen Energy Management Systems

Currently working on scheduling of Transient Stability cases based on method and task parallelization

Development of Power Quality Analyser on many core architecture platform

Field of interest: Parallelziation of Power Systems Algorithms; Development of low cost embedded systems for Edge computing in power systems

  1. Ashish Joglekar , Gurunath Gurrala , Puneet Kumar , Francis C. Joseph , T. S. Kiran , K. R. Sahasranand , and Himanshu TyagiOpen-Source Heterogeneous Constrained Edge-Computing Platform for Smart Grid Measurements, in IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement,Volume:70, Pages:1-12 (May 2021)
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Durvesh Kalke

1. Tuning of IEEE defined (Std. 421.5) Power System Stabilizers

2. Effect of contingencies in power system network on synchronous generator control parameters.

3. Developing a 3 machine test system in a laboratory for validating power system control algorithms.

Vibhuti Sahu

I am currently working on "Blackout Look Ahead Simulation Tool Development", a project funded by National Supercomputing Mission, a joint mission by Department of Science and Tech-nology (DST) and Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY)

My workplan includes:

• Analysis of the requirements for the modelling of power system components. • Selection and development of the models for power system components such as relay, load, transmission line and sources. • Development of algorithm for time-domain simulation. • Design of schema for DBMS considering the algorithm developed and models selected. • Development of parallel solvers. • Development and testing of the software