Dr. Gurunath Gurrala

Associate Professor

Room No.C238
Department of Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012, India
Telephone: +91-80-2293 3556
Email: gurunath@iisc.ac.in

Major Research Areas

High performance computing applications in power systems

Power electronics applications in power systems

Integration of renewables in weak grids

Developement of stabilizing controls for power systems

Research Objectives

I am currently working on the parallel computing algorithms for power system applications. Following are the key research objectives

Time domain simulations of large power grids faster than real time

Predicting the vulnerabilities that can create blackout of the grid including essential protection systems

Predicting the possible cascading scenarios determine the control actions to be taken as and when the events unfold to prevent the blackout


I would like to work with people who are motivated. Students, working professionals, and academacians who are interested in doing research which can make significant impact on the operational and planning aspects of power grid with respect to the following areas are welcome to meet for possible long term collabration (preferably 3 months or more)

Monitoring of the powergrid (lowcost sensors, automatic diagnostic tools for protective relays etc)

Cascade event detection ( Algorithms, Protection etc.)

Blackout detection and prevention (use of high performance computing, and advanced learning algorithms)

Grid integration of renewable energy sources, micro grids (operational aspects, weak grids, uncertainity handling etc.)

Power system stability and control (Model validation and Identification, Excitation system, Power system stabilizers, Large system simulations)