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Visiting Faculty/Research Assistance
  1. Dr. Young Sun Mok, Senior Lecturer, Cheju National University, Cheju, Korea (1st Aug-31st Aug, 2001)
  2. Prof. Kazuo Shimizu, Assoc. Professor, Shizuoka University, Hamamatsu, Japan (Feb 2005)
  3. Dr. Sankarsan Mohapatro, IISc Research Associate, 2011-12
  4. Dr. Anusuya Bhattacharyya, IISc Research Associate, 2015-16
  5. Dr. Apeksha Madhukar, IISc Research Associate, 2018-19


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  5. Anusuya Bhattacharyya, "Discharge plasma based NOx abatement in engine exhaust assisted by industry wastes: A parametric evaluation with diesel fuels and corona electrodes" 2015.
  6. Apeksha Madhukar, " Stationary diesel exhaust treatment by blending dicharge plasma/ozone with industrial wastes: a study on abatement of NOx and THC," 2018 (the work was honoured with NRDC budding innovators award-2018).
  7. Dipanwita Sinha M, " Estimating the variation of NOx in diesel exhaust treated with discharge-plasma/Ozone injection: a case study on modelling with ANN & Dimensional analysis," 2019.
  8. Katam Nishanth, "Plasma catalysis of diesel exhaust using industrial wastes: a study on NOx and THC removal," 2021.
  9. Apoorva Sahu (on role: joined in Jan 2022)

M.Sc (Engg)/Mtech (Res)

  1. Satyabrata Rout “Application of Pulsed Discharges for Removal of Nitric Oxide from Simulated Flue/Exhaust Gases,” Dec-2000.

  2. N Thirumaran “A Modified Approach to Predict Voltage-Current Characteristics of an Electrostatic Precipitator,” Dec-2000.

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  12. Ann G Sarah "Discharge Plasma Supported Mariculture and Lignite Waste for NOx Cleaning in Biodiesel Exhaust: Direct and Indirect Methods," 2016.

ME Projects

  • N Siva Rama Krishna Reddy “Laser Beam Method of Measurement of HV in an Air Medium: A feasibility Study,” Jan-2000

  • Prem Prakash “An Interactive Model for Prediction and Analysis of V-I Characteristics of an Electrostatic Precipitator,” Jan-2001

  • P K Srinivas Kumar “Combined NOx, CO and THC Removal in Diesel Exhaust Using Hybrid Plasma Reactor,” Jan-2002

  • Arya Nandini “Electric Discharge Assisted Adsorption Process for Diesel Exhaust Cleaning: A New Aftertreatment Technique,” Jan-2003

  • Mahadev Kumar “Further Studies on Current density Distribution in a wire-duct ESP under Clean/Simulated Dust Conditions,” June 2005

  • Mathew Johnson “Studies on NOx Control using Plasma based aftertreatment Technique,” June 2005

  • Somasundaram “An improved model of human body to understand ESD,” June 2006

  • Emmanuel “Abatement of Nitrogen Oxides by Plasma Assisted Adsorption and Desorption,” June 2007

  • Samuel Babu "Discharge based Vehicular Exhaust Cleaning. Can we realize it ?," June 2012
  • Sarath Kumar "Study of performance of different Dielectric barrier discharge reactors for NOx abatement of diesel exhaust," June 2013
  • Anil C S, "A study on DBD reactors used in NOx control," June 2014
  • Jasmine  "Prediction of NOx removal efficiency in Plasma Treated Exhaust: A dimensional analysis approach," 2015
  • Gulshan Kishor "Prediction of ozone generation by dielectric barrier discharge: A dimensional analysis approach" 2016
  • Hemanth Jindal "THC control in diesel engine exhaust: A preliminary study with discharge plasma", 2017
  • Katam Nishanth " Estimation of Ozone Generation in DBD Plasma Reactor Using Response Surface Methodology & Fuzzy Logic Models," 2019
  • Deepak Tomer  "Surface discharge reactor configuration for ozone generation", 2020